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and Kitchens

Are you looking for a new kitchen or bathroom, or would you like to replace portions of these high-traffic rooms? 

Bathrooms and kitchens can become worn out  if the original materials were not durable. Making an investment in these rooms in particular will increase both your home’s market value and your quality of life.

At Melovations Enterprises, we offer a full line of products ranging from off-the-shelf cabinetry to custom pieces as well as refinishing your existing kitchen. We work with you on the design you have in mind and turn it into reality within your budget.


Our mission is to give you what you desire and more, and provide all the support necessary for a positive renovation experience.

Starting with our first visit, we take your opinions and ideas to heart. We produce a design that works and make sure you’re happy with it, before executing the project.


Step by step we keep you informed, ensuring you’re comfortable and happy with progress. Client involvement is appreciated and ensures a solid, functional and beautiful finished kitchen or bathroom.

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